MarketService 2000™
        VERSION 4.0

Wesner Associates has made the adjustments to MarketService 2000 to implement the metrics for tracking sucess. Metrics include:

  1. The number of new prospects the counselor works with. This is tracked by the number of new leads that are entered into the system.
  2. The number of appointments set. The new appointment entry on the notes page posts all of these in history so getting a count is simplified.
  3. The number of presentations given. To clear the appointment the result needs to be enforced. The result choices are “Appointment Cancel”, “Presentation No Sale”, or “Sale”. All of these results are posted in history so getting a count of each is simplified.
  4. The number of Sales. All Sales are now posted to history and the entry of an appointment before the sale will show that the sale was generated by the counselor and not company generated.
  5. The number of referrals. A new referral link to ease entry and will post into history so getting a count is simplified.

Sales Managers need visibility into the activities of their counselors and insight into where they stand with their prospect base. The new tracking metrics will provide reporting to sales managers so they can be confident their counselors are producing at their full capacity.

Version 4.0
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